Conlanger stereotype poll

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Re: Conlanger stereotype poll

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Thrice Xandvii wrote: 19 Feb 2021 11:40 Just found this quiz, figured, why the heck not?

1. Gender: Male (cisgendered)
2. Sexual orientation: Homosexual
3. Handedness: Right
4. Nationality: American, born and raised in Wisconsin, current Michigan citizen
5. Ethnicity you primarily identify with: German/Lithuanian
6. Neurotype: Mostly neurotypical, with some ASD spectrum leaning traits and a bit of anxiety that usually shows itself as anger over other more common presentations
7. Health conditions and physical disabilities: None that I'm aware of
8. Do you wear glasses?: I do
9. Facial hair: Yes (chin beard or moustache-less goatee, whichever descriptor you prefer)
10. Body type: Slightly over-weight
11. Subculture: Nerdy geek who used to be a wannabe skater and enjoys hard rock/metal music (so you be the judge on what that means)
12. Species/breed of pets: Dog, cat, bird, fish and a snake (I do consider myself to be mostly a dog person though)
13. Religion: Agnostic, former atheist who was entirely too sure of himself
Finally! A gay, bearded, Lithuanian language inventor!

Except that you're a righty...
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