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The Language Learning & Non-English forum

Posted: 25 Apr 2020 22:21
by Aevas
This forum is dedicated to the studying of natural languages (and special-case conlangs like Esperanto), and to discussions in languages other than English. It is thus aimed at those who want to learn and study such a language, and at those who already speak a language other than English and want to help others learn it or simply have a discussion in it.


Suggestions for threads that go in this forum are:

• Personal threads for practicing a certain language. In such a thread the OP can write short passages in their L2, that proficient speakers can correct and comment on. They can also ask questions about the L2 that others can answer or weigh in on.

• Question threads for a specific language.

• Threads aimed at improving vocabulary.

• Discussion threads about language learning.

• Conversation threads in a specific language. Such threads are a place for general discussion in a certain language, where English is avoided.
→ Threads with specific topics should be tagged with the name of the language used in brackets before the actual title; e.g. [Français] Thread title


This forum is not for:

• Writing in or promoting your own conlang. (→ Conlangs, etc.)
• Posting lessons for conlangs or natlangs. (→ Teach & Share)