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Re: Random ideas: Morphosyntax

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Creyeditor wrote: 19 Nov 2020 21:08 Isn't (some version of) Kiwikami's Hypry a bit like that?
The very first version required tenses to be marked with some agreement indicating what entity's perspective they were from - I'm planning to do the same thing with V4, but haven't figured out how it'll work just yet. Effectively, there were particles such that you'd have "the man hit [1-recent.fut] [2-pst] the dog" meaning "The man is just about to hit the dog (as far as I can see), but from your perspective he has already done so", and there was also a kind of "universal" time which was meant to describe strictly-linear progression (e.g. "from the perspective of a thing that cannot time travel").
Edit: Substituted a string instrument for a French interjection.

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