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Nad̰yethab is a language spoken in the kingdom of Nad̰e, northeast of The Empire of The Bard-Emperors

/b ⁿb t d ⁿd k g ⁿg/ <b b̰ t d d̰ k g g̃>
/m n ŋ/ <m n ng>
/ɸ θ s h/ <f th s h>
/l/ <l>
/ɹ/ <r>
/j w/ <y w>

/i e u o a/ <i e u o a>

Phonotactics: (C)(l/r/y/w)V(C)

Nouns have two genders: Animate and Inanimate and four cases: Absolutive, Ergative, Genitive and Dative-Oblique:
Noun: Goth "Child"
Absolutive: Goth
Ergative: Gothos
Genitive: Gothang
Dative-Oblique: Gothad̰

Number is only distinguished in the definate, which is marked with these proclitics:
Animate singular: Ge
Animate plural: G̠̰i
Inanimate singular: Da
Inanimate plural: To
Many children make up, or begin to make up, imaginary languages. I have been at it since I could write.
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Re: Nad̰yethab

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Bard Emperors?
Already interested!

Any work(s) by (one or more of) them?
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