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The Guzzlepad

Posted: 11 Jul 2020 10:31
by Znex
Just a thread to informally post about things my mind is guzzling up on and then reshaping. I'm not necessarily going out at this point to make things super-straightforward to understand, but if there's anything you'd like me to talk more about or elaborate on, let me know below.


This is an idea that's been floating in my mind most recently as part of an ongoing idea of mine to make a "soft furry" RP campaign for me and some friends inspired by such worlds as Redwall, Animal Crossing, Narnia, etc. At the moment I'm just working out a phonology.

Nasals: /m n nʲ/
Tenuis/geminate plosives: /p t ts tɬ k q/
Voiced plosives: /b d dz dɮ g/
Aspirated plosives: /pʰ tʰ tr kʰ/
Ejective plosives: /tsʼ tɬʼ kʼ/
Click POAs: /ʘ ǀ ǁ ǃ ǂ/
Tenuis fricatives: /ɸ θ s ɬ x/
Voiced fricatives: /β ð z ɮ ɣ/
Nasalised fricatives/approximants: /ṽ ɾ̃ j̃/
Liquids: /r ɾ l lʲ j w h/
Vowels: /a i o ə/

Syllables generally form the shape CV(S,TF); final syllables are restricted to CV(L,ɾ̃)

Consonants with counterparts:
Fortis: (in the environments #_, C%_, %_[+stress] and some %_[-stress] and _%C)
/m n nʲ/
/p(ː) t(ː) t(ː)s t(ː)ɬ k(ː) q(ː)/
/b d dz dɮ g/
/pʰ tʰ tr kʰ/
/tsʼ tɬʼ kʼ/
/ʘ ǀ ǁ ǃ ǂ/
/ɸ θ s z ɬ/
/r l lʲ dz v h/

Lenis: (in the environments %_[-stress], _%C and _#)
/ṽ ɾ̃ j̃/
/p t s ɬ k ʔ/
/β ð z ɮ ɣ/
/ɸ θ r x/
/ts tɬ k/
/h h h ɾ h/
/ɾ ɫ j j w ∅/

To work out:
MOAs of click consonants
Additional pharyngealisation category?
Tonal accent or moraic tone? Mobile?
Multiple degrees of lenis à la Western Uralic?
More complex onsets?
Vowel allophony?