Guess the language game 2.0

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Guess the language game 2.0

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Hi, I noticed the Guess The Language game version 1.0 isn’t around anymore. I think it’s time to start a new one

Here is the first example
Ba mböröta sa daroma li andrö, ba khö Lowalangi daroma li andrö, ba taroma li andrö, ba no Lowalangi. Khö Lowalangi so ia ba mböröta. Khönia mböröta hadia ia fefu. Sambalö lö’ö, si so, si tenga khönia mböröta. Khönia so wa’auri, ba haga ba niha wa’auri andrö. Ba humaga haga andrö, ba zogömigömi, ba lö ihalö ia sogömigömi. So niha nifatenge Lowalangi Yohane döinia. Da’ö zi möi mamaduhu’ö, ena’ö ifaduhu’ö haga andrö, ena’ö dozi mamati khönia. Tenga ya’ia haga andrö, ha ba wamaduhu’ö haga andrö.

1. No Googling the text. This is considered cheating and is unfair for the other players.
2. Whoever guesses the text right will go on to do the next text.
3. Have fun!
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Re: Guess the language game 2.0

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