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What are these conputational statistics concerning French words ?

Posted: 18 Oct 2020 03:10
by incheek
Or where can I find them ? It requires computational language, I hope these calculations have been done before.

Greetings all,

I'm seeking the minimum, medial (not average) and maximum of the aspects below, for the French words contained in a small dictionary (e.g. Petit Larousse, not in a corpus) :
  • n° of syllables
    n° of letters
    n° of synonyms
    n° of words in proxemy (lexical field)
    n° of paronyms
    n° of explosive consonants
    n° of alliterations
    n° of assonances
    rapport n° of vowels / n° of consonants
    % of words starting with a consonant
So for example for the n° of letters I would like to know how many letters the smallest word has, how many letters the longest word has and how many letters most words have.