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by Chagla
28 Mar 2012 16:01
Forum: Translations
Topic: Hello!
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Re: Hello!

Suiaen a hai (polite)
/sjǝn æ haɪ/
You.voc to acknowledge[-1sg]
You are acknowledged.

Soae hai (formal)
/swǝ haɪ/
You.dat acknowledgep[-1sg].
For you, I acknowledge.

Saeo Hai (informal)
/sǝʊ haɪ/
You.acc acknowledge[-1sg].
I acknowledge you.
by Chagla
22 Mar 2012 13:01
Forum: Translations
Topic: I see you
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Re: I see you

raonatea saeo raotaea.
/rɔnætз sǝʊ rɔta/ sae.o rao.taea
Eye.this.f-pl.nom 2sg.n-acc do.3pl

'I see you', literally, in Oaoinhea is:
'These/My Eyes, they do (look) you.'
by Chagla
05 Mar 2012 13:43
Forum: Translations
Topic: Himself, herself (emphatic pronouns)
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Re: Himself, herself (emphatic pronouns)

:con: Oanhe:

Peitaeon oaoincou heaurraoicut.
/pitəʊɴ wʌŋku hœrʌkʊtʰ/
Peter.NOM one.he.ACC wash.did.he
Peter washed (only) himself.

Pietaeon oaoincuoul aouteo heaurraoicut.
/pitəʊɴ wʌŋkʊuɢl aʊteʊ hœrʌkʊtʰ/
Peter.NOM one.he.DAT car.ACC wash.did.he
Peter washed the car, only he (did).
by Chagla
29 Feb 2012 11:59
Forum: Teach & Share
Topic: Micamo's Guide to Conreligions
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Re: Micamo's Guide to Conreligions

-Giving a sense of purpose; the religion is typically the highest form of meaning in life for the believer. -Some moral code, that we need to obey on order to please the deities, and/or achieve salvation. Salvation/sense of purpose. Definitions of Religion? They are indeed themselves definitions of...
by Chagla
18 Jan 2012 15:03
Forum: Translations
Topic: Person, language, speaker, country
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Re: Person, language, speaker, country

Person: - Cue - Person - Oáhlce - (One Land Person) - Inglisscue - English.person - Nihonhsincue - Japanese.person Language: - Oánhe - One.speech - Inglissihe - English.speech - Nihonhngohe - Japanese.Language Speaker: - Oánhecue - One.speaker (One Speech Person) - Inglissihecue - E...
by Chagla
18 Jan 2012 14:41
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Topic: The one ring
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Re: The one ring

:eng: One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. :con: Black Speech: Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul. :lat: Ūnus circulus ut regat eōs, Ūnus ut eōs inveniat, Ūnus circulus ut confe...
by Chagla
11 Jan 2012 21:38
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Topic: "Like button"
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Re: "Like button"

Seems this goes along the same thinking as mi piace/me gusto/ga suki... Like, I see (reactive) vs I look at/seek for(active) differences. Or I listen to you (active) vs I hear you (reactive). This will be tricky to translate into Uánhe. Eohuro - to interest someone in, (as in he interests her in his...
by Chagla
09 Jan 2012 04:00
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Topic: Addiction
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Re: Addiction

:jpn: 名前はチャグラです。シービービーの常用者です。
「namae wa chagura desu. shībībī no jōyōsha desu」
Name-TOP Chagla COP. Sheebeebee-GEN Jōyōsha.COP

:con: Uánhe
Chaglas nam. CBB-ius romecos nam.
/tʃæɢlas næm. sɯbibiʊs rɔmekɔs næm/
Chagla-SBJ COP-1SG. CBB-GEN LivetoDo-er.SG.SBJ COP-1SG.
by Chagla
09 Jan 2012 03:21
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Topic: I see you
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Re: I see you

Seth im. (Like Na'vi: I see you)
/seθ im/
That/you-SBJ(HON) perceive-1SG

Seth ihim. (English I see you)
/seθ ihim/
That/you-SBJ(HON) see-1SG
by Chagla
08 Jan 2012 14:03
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Topic: Sorry, I don't speak...
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Re: Sorry, I don't speak...

Váhne: Teś Iaem, Ìnglìsiers Waerrinem. Dágo Uáhnatres uaerreś? /tɛθ jæɛm, ɪŋɢlɪɕɛrz wærinɛm. dʌgɔ wʌɴækʰtrɛz wæɛrɛθ/ You-subj(hon), English-acc speak.cannot-I. But, Wunhé-acc speak.can-you(hon)? Uáhne = World.sound/One.sound/Ocean-Sky.sound Uáhn - Universe,World.Egg,Oneness,Void-L...
by Chagla
30 Nov 2011 08:44
Forum: Translations
Topic: I love you
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Re: I love you

Yamiotha: Lovers: M>F: Cèceai vaimaènosc. [tʃətʃɑɪ vɑɪmanʊsk] F>M: Ceucièu vaimaènasc [tʃʊtʃəʊ vɑɪmanəsk] M>M: Ceucièu vaimaènosc [tʃʊtʃəʊ vɑɪmanʊsk] F>F: Cèceai vaimaènasc [tʃətʃɑɪ vɑɪmanəsk] Parent-Child: F>D: Cècea veaimanosc [tʃətʃæ vjɑɪmænʊsk] F>S: Ciuceo veaimanosc [tʃʊtʃɔ vjɑɪmænʊsk] M>D: Cèc...
by Chagla
28 Aug 2011 23:38
Forum: Translations
Topic: What is happening?
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Re: What is happening?

:eng: Something very strange is happening right now! What is it, and how can I stop it? :deu: Etwas zehr merkwürdig passiert eben jetzt (/im Augenblick)! Was ist es, und wie kann ich es stoppen/aufhalten? :dan: Der sker noget meget mærkeligt lige nu! Hvad er det, og hvordan kan jeg stoppe det? :fra:...
by Chagla
26 Aug 2011 23:31
Forum: Conlangs
Topic: Teka: New Romance conlang
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Re: Teka: New Romance conlang

Darkgamma wrote: This looks like an oligoisolational conlang :P
What does oligoisolational mean?

Valosci, yeah it does seem multo Africano.
by Chagla
26 Aug 2011 22:23
Forum: Conlangs
Topic: Most hated conlang
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Re: Most hated conlang

Just had a look into Solresol. The concept looks brilliant, but don't think anyone would be able to communicate effectively in a language that is even less complicated as Toki Pona, Hawai'ian or Japanese as there would be way too many homophones. Then tones woulḑ have to be introduced... *facepalm* ...
by Chagla
25 Aug 2011 14:51
Forum: Conlangs
Topic: What did you accomplish today? [2011–2019]
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Re: What did you accomplish today?

Added more verb conjugations to do with to be variants in the three times (past, now, future) as well as in their possible combinations (6 in all) This is possible through vowel combination patterns. So yeah... Past to be conjugate... (was to) Now to be conjugate... (am to) Fut to be conjugate... (w...
by Chagla
25 Aug 2011 14:06
Forum: Conworlds & Concultures
Topic: Random conreligion ideas?
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Re: Random conreligion ideas?

Lol @ these... XD Religion srsly needs to go die - you gain nothing from it, for you were already nothing to begin with. The conroots of my conlang is based on quasi metaphysical concepts that religion can be brought forth from. And words. And science. And concepts. Ironically, there's no God in tha...
by Chagla
20 Aug 2011 02:44
Forum: Translations
Topic: Person, language, speaker, country
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Re: Person, language, speaker, country

:eng: Englishman, English, English speaker / anglophone, England :deu: Deutsche(r), Deutsch, Deutschsprachige(r), Deutschland :nor: Nordmann, norsk, norsktalende, Norge :dan: Dansker, dansk, dansktalende, Danmark :swe: svensk, svenska, svenskspråkig / svensktalande, Sverige :isl: Íslendingur, íslens...
by Chagla
19 Aug 2011 06:55
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Topic: Consider it done.
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Re: Consider it done.

:eng: Consider it done. :con: Kankonian Yakh is oyezen ham, yau is fazen ham. if I say+PAST that then I do+PAST that "If I've said it, I've done it." :con: Mnew Zoh ( working title ): Wa ca niw doHan [wa ca niw doˈçan] even 3.INAN IMP-think "Don't even think about it." :co...
by Chagla
17 Aug 2011 10:02
Forum: Language Learning & Non-English
Topic: Language practice thread
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Re: Language practice thread

「言葉」と「言語」の意味の違いは何ですか? What is the difference in meaning between 'kotoba' and 'gengo'? 答えはー 言葉は英語で「words」と言う意味で、言語は「language」と言う意味でございます。 言葉は漢字で「word-leaves」と言う意味で、言語は「word-speak」と言う意味でございます。 私はクシンダ様を助けたことを望んでいましたよ! 英語で Solution: Kotoba in English means "words", and gengo means "langu...
by Chagla
14 Aug 2011 13:27
Forum: Linguistics & Natlangs
Topic: Your vote for most beautiful natlang writing system.
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Re: Your vote for most beautiful natlang writing system.

No one ever mentioned Cyrillic? (Lol)

Devanagari Script
Japanese Hiragana (Did I mention Kanji?!?)
And Armenian!