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by Escodrion
31 Dec 2011 16:24
Forum: Conworlds & Concultures
Topic: Symbols of Concultures
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Re: Symbols of Concultures

The flag of Enterdos (the green symbolises the land, the blue surrounding it the sea and the blue stripe - the main river): The emblem of Enterdos (the red bird it's the firebird our phoenix, the national symbol, the blue and green back...
by Escodrion
31 Dec 2011 10:57
Forum: Translations
Topic: The one ring
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Re: The one ring

:con: Enterdese Kauē solos galen mērak loson, kauē solos koshishērn, kauē solos nydarin mērak loson vyn om haalanen solen mērak. :con: Old Enterdese Kå solos meêak šar galen, kå solos meêak košišên, kå solos meêak nydarin vyn om haalanen meêak solen. //Will post gloss and pronunciation when on compu...
by Escodrion
23 Oct 2011 14:12
Forum: Language Learning & Non-English
Topic: Polski | Polish Conversation Thread
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Re: Po Polsku

Cześć, jestem z Polski i mówię po polsku, w miarę :-D