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by cartweel
31 Aug 2010 11:58
Forum: Translations
Topic: The Book of the Dead Chapter 12
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Re: The Book of the Dead Chapter 12

This is a new project that I just started called wh-tn blw , "The Language of the Gods" inspired in large part by ancient texts like this one. So, it's an appropriate TC. wh-tn blw is biconsonental. wh-tn blw tbt yb-yd l yb-yl:w m tbt yb-yht s-sm-k l ym-ybt h-wy. bm-t hn ps-b:m, bm-t hn s-ph-n:m, m ...
by cartweel
24 Aug 2010 11:42
Forum: Conlangs
Topic: First Conlang: Aigean
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Re: First Conlang: Aigean

You have really made me smile, since the name of one of my very very early attempts was something like "Akhaian," something I got from my ancient Greek class.

The language was spoken by some half-feline arctic nomads... or something.