If you were to write one novel...

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Re: If you were to write one novel...

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My novel would be a coming-of-age story set in the world of the Arasan people, a matriarchal society of nomadic wanderers who inhabit a vast desert of sand and sun. The story follows a young Arasan girl named Ariadne, who is on a quest to find her true identity and place in this mysterious and unfamiliar world.

The story follows Ariadne on her journey of self-discovery as she encounters a variety of characters and cultures, each with their own unique histories and traditions. Through her interactions with these people, she begins to gain an understanding of the various customs of the Arasan people, as well as how they interconnect with one another and the land they inhabit. Along the way, Ariadne is challenged and pushed to her limits as she confronts her personal demons and insecurities, ultimately leading her to a place of personal growth and understanding.
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Re: If you were to write one novel...

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I want to focus on the period 1,000 years after the development of the early language, back society was in a semi-medieval state, but had remnants from a lost technological age. I'm more used to writing science fiction. But I want to develop converging mythologies from the different culture that evolved into the one that exists that speak this language.

Ex. If one culture has one type of superstition, and another has a different type of superstition, how such beliefs about similar circumstances interact, and how it acts like a game of telephone throughout the apocalypse.

Some of which evolving out of modern urban legends.
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