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eldin raigmore wrote:
23 Jul 2020 23:31
Is it possible that “cent” and “canton” are related in your concountry?
Is a “canton” (in the Swiss sense) like a “hundred” (in the Medieval English sense, a unit of local government)?

Just because Kmtom kinda sounds like both.
Probably not, but you never know. I haven't really gotten that far with it yet.


So awhile back, I worked backwards from Classical Ngade n Tim Ar and (Proto-)O to come up with Proto-Tim Ar-O. I have decided that the result was less than satisfactory, so I have reworked it.

The new starting phonology for Proto-Tim Ar-O (hereinafter "PTO") is:

*m *n *ŋ
*p *b *t̪ *d̪ *t *d *tʲ *dʲ *k *g *q *ɢ *ʔ
*ð *ɹ *j *w *ʁ

Vowels: *a *ɛ *e *i *ɔ *o *u
Diphthongs: *ia *iɛ *ie *iɔ *io


To Classical Ngade n Tim Ar

I'm pretty focused on maintaining this phonology as-is given how much work I've done on the language otherwise.

m n ŋ
t k
θ s x h
ɹ l ʕ

a e ø i y ɤ o ɯ u + low or high tone

How did we get here?

1. Tone split
V → [+ low tone] / [+vc]_
V → [+ high tone] / [-vc]_
[+vc] → [-vc]

2. Fricative genesis and creation of syllabic consonants
p t̪ t tʲ k q ʔ → f θ s ʃ x χ h / _{i,u}
{i,u} → Ø / _R
{i,u} → Ø / R_
i → Ø / _V
ɛ e ɔ o → e i o u
ʕ → à / {C,#}_{C,#}

3. Glottal stop affectation of coda resonants
l ɹ j w ʁ → ɬ s ʃ f χ / _ʔ%

4. Loss and replacement of *l and resulting coronal shifts
l → ʕ
θ ð → ɬ l
s ʃ → θ s
t̪ t tʲ → p t̪ t

5. Dental randomness
t̪ → s / _E
t̪ → p / _B
t̪ → t / else

6. Loss of the glottal stop and
ʔ → Ø
ʁ → Ø
Lenition of *p
p → f

7. Vowel rounding funtime land
[+V +front/back ±hi ±tone ±ro][+V +back/front ±POA] → [+V ±hi ±tone ±ro ±POA]

8. Fricative stuff
f {q,χ} → h x

9. Allophonic stuff
[-vc] → [+vc] / [+vc]_[+vc] (except /h/)

To Proto-O

I'm open to suggestions on how to make this suck less. I'm pretty dead-set on this phonology as well, as it was part of a challenge to get to an eight-phoneme conlang.

*N (one nasal archiphoneme)
*p *t *k
*w *j *ʁ (these pull double duty as vowels when in nucleic position, surfacing as *u *i *a, respectively)


Out of convention, *ʁ is written r.

How did we get here?

1. Coronal processes
t̪ d̪ tʲ dʲ → t d s z
ð ɹ → j ʁ[/list]

2. Lenition of voiced stops
b d {g,ɢ} → w l ʁ

3. Debuccalization of sibilants
{s,z} → h

4. Uvular fronting
q → k

5. Nasalization of *l and nasal archiphoneme generation
l → n
N → [assimilate in place to following consonant] / _C
N → n / otherwise

6. Loss of
ʔ → w / _B
ʔ → j / _{E,a}
ʔ → Ø / else

7. Resyllabification
Stuff resyllabifies due to onset rules; larger onsets preferred

8. Merger of *o into *a
o → a

9. Allophonic stuff
p t k → pf ts kx / _{j,i}
p t k → β z ɣ / V_V
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