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Re: Linguifex's conworld megathread

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eldin raigmore wrote: 23 Jul 2020 23:31 Is it possible that “cent” and “canton” are related in your concountry?
Is a “canton” (in the Swiss sense) like a “hundred” (in the Medieval English sense, a unit of local government)?

Just because Kmtom kinda sounds like both.
Probably not, but you never know. I haven't really gotten that far with it yet.


So awhile back, I worked backwards from Classical Ngade n Tim Ar and (Proto-)O to come up with Proto-Tim Ar-O. I have decided that the result was less than satisfactory, so I have reworked it.

The new starting phonology for Proto-Tim Ar-O (hereinafter "PTO") is:

*m *n *ŋ
*p *b *t̪ *d̪ *t *d *tʲ *dʲ *k *g *q *ɢ *ʔ
*ð *ɹ *j *w *ʁ

Vowels: *a *ɛ *e *i *ɔ *o *u
Diphthongs: *ia *iɛ *ie *iɔ *io


To Classical Ngade n Tim Ar

I'm pretty focused on maintaining this phonology as-is given how much work I've done on the language otherwise.

m n ŋ
t k
θ s x h
ɹ l ʕ

a e ø i y ɤ o ɯ u + low or high tone

How did we get here?

1. Tone split
V → [+ low tone] / [+vc]_
V → [+ high tone] / [-vc]_
[+vc] → [-vc]

2. Fricative genesis and creation of syllabic consonants
p t̪ t tʲ k q ʔ → f θ s ʃ x χ h / _{i,u}
{i,u} → Ø / _R
{i,u} → Ø / R_
i → Ø / _V
ɛ e ɔ o → e i o u
ʕ → à / {C,#}_{C,#}

3. Glottal stop affectation of coda resonants
l ɹ j w ʁ → ɬ s ʃ f χ / _ʔ%

4. Loss and replacement of *l and resulting coronal shifts
l → ʕ
θ ð → ɬ l
s ʃ → θ s
t̪ t tʲ → p t̪ t

5. Dental randomness
t̪ → s / _E
t̪ → p / _B
t̪ → t / else

6. Loss of the glottal stop and
ʔ → Ø
ʁ → Ø
Lenition of *p
p → f

7. Vowel rounding funtime land
[+V +front/back ±hi ±tone ±ro][+V +back/front ±POA] → [+V ±hi ±tone ±ro ±POA]

8. Fricative stuff
f {q,χ} → h x

9. Allophonic stuff
[-vc] → [+vc] / [+vc]_[+vc] (except /h/)

To Proto-O

I'm open to suggestions on how to make this suck less. I'm pretty dead-set on this phonology as well, as it was part of a challenge to get to an eight-phoneme conlang.

*N (one nasal archiphoneme)
*p *t *k
*w *j *ʁ (these pull double duty as vowels when in nucleic position, surfacing as *u *i *a, respectively)


Out of convention, *ʁ is written r.

How did we get here?

1. Coronal processes
t̪ d̪ tʲ dʲ → t d s z
ð ɹ → j ʁ[/list]

2. Lenition of voiced stops
b d {g,ɢ} → w l ʁ

3. Debuccalization of sibilants
{s,z} → h

4. Uvular fronting
q → k

5. Nasalization of *l and nasal archiphoneme generation
l → n
N → [assimilate in place to following consonant] / _C
N → n / otherwise

6. Loss of
ʔ → w / _B
ʔ → j / _{E,a}
ʔ → Ø / else

7. Resyllabification
Stuff resyllabifies due to onset rules; larger onsets preferred

8. Merger of *o into *a
o → a

9. Allophonic stuff
p t k → pf ts kx / _{j,i}
p t k → β z ɣ / V_V
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Conworld megathread

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Re: Linguifex's conworld megathread

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So some world maps and stuff, mainly focusing on the Tim Ar Imperium. GPlates was used to crunch the numbers, where relevant, but these are still approximate values.

A world map; pardon the eye-searing colors, this was more so I could get a feel for how things worked out. Some of these are not individual polities themselves but blocs thereof, compounded for ease of making the map, and will be worked out in greater detail later.

The Tim Ar Imperium (in red; interior grey areas are bodies of water I forgot to turn black, and the turquoise I forgot to edit out when I made the map). I crunched the numbers on the Imperium, and it's an absolute unit. It covers more territory than Asia, but hey, the wonders of modern technology and telecommunications.

On its first order, the Imperium is split into five viceroyalties and two special administrative zones. In the north, and in the darker hues, from west to east: The Viceroyalty of Uluhír, the Viceroyalty of West Kaorðér, the Viceroyalty of the Core Imperium, the Viceroyalty of Méoménsú, and the Viceroyalty of Greater Kelekeð. In the south, in much lighter tints, are the Gurkéłis SAZ and the Mziddyun SAZ.

The next level down is that of the namestnichestvo. There's a map of those and several other, lesser polities that exist outside of the main hierarchy: Suzerainties (in gold), free cities (the white dots), unorganized territories (dark grey), and frontier territories (lighter grey). The SAZs, which have no real internal structure, are also indicated in robin's egg blue and off-white.

Suzerainties and free cities typically got special administrative privileges and greater internal autonomy due to handing over their sovereignty to the Imperium with some degree of volition; the largest of these, the Suzerainty of Deverris, is about the size of Iraq and is located south of the Core Imperium. Special administrative zones have some permanent habitation, but it's generally sparse and semi- or impermanent. The Mziddyun is a desert the size of Australia wherein a Sprachbund of triconsonantal languages is found and was basically inherited after the Jädäwan War when nobody else really wanted it (joke's on them, there's resources and strike points there); Gurkéłis is an entire continent that ended up getting annexed and is currently being bulldozed over…much like Australia, though with a less memetically-lethal reputation.

The unorganized territories are basically where the Imperium threw up its hands and said "All hope abandon, ye who enter here"; in the case of the Lé Mêĝ, which is about the size of two and a half Californias, it's because of the logistical difficulties stemming from the impassable forests, mountains, and valleys (similar to Papua New Guinea), whereas the remaining unorganized territories were bombed out during the war and are nigh uninhabitable. Frontier territories are either recent acquisitions or pride points where no reasonable permanent habitation is expected.

There's levels below that of the namestnichestvo—the oblast (more like a state in the US), raion, selsoviet, city, and borough. I haven't worked out a map of oblasts yet.
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Conworld megathread

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