Weapons and Armor of Conworlds

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Weapons and Armor of Conworlds

Post by Shemtov »

This thread is to discuss the weapons and armor of concultures, conworlds, and conwarriors.

In my world of Fuhe, Fuhe is a Stratocracy, that is, a constitutional military government, run by the Katana-to-Ki-Mitai. They have the ability to use Ki, a sort of mix of the Force from Star Wars and Chakra from Naruto, that when used efficiently, increases their carrying capacity to 130-140% of a normal human. Their standard armor and weapons is as follows: a thin inner gambeson, over which a long laminar apron is worn is worn, over which a thick gambeson is worn, which has laminar sown in over the heart and lungs. They wore a helmet similar to a Hoshi-bachi Kabuto.
The standard issue weapons were a Katana, a Bo-Staff, and a Asiatic-style Shortbow with arrows. Various members can add frogs to carry more weapons to fit their style, one character, Tappio, carries a battle axe and a warhammer (he also trained his Ki to get a boost in forests, and in said forests can communicate with the trees, and can also control bears, and thus often rides a bear into battle), and Ruvu, the head of the Katana-to-Ki Mitai carries a European style grandsword in addition to his Katana, and when going into battle, may opt to wear a pata-style gauntlet sword instead. There is also an unnamed member of the intelligence branch who has daggers and a rapier, and his partner has gone rogue, and carries daggers and Sais, and has replaced his bow with a blowgun with poison darts.
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Re: Weapons and Armor of Conworlds

Post by Khemehekis »

The Lehola Galaxy has table bombs. They're disguised as food, but once they enter a sapient being's or animal's stomach, they explode, killing him/her/them/xem/it.

The Kankonians invented them independently of some other planets. The Kankonian word for "table bomb" is khoshkaksith, khosh meaning table and kaksith meaning bomb. The Vigilante Squad sometimes uses them, and used them when they were attacked by the reptoids known as Ratharians a few millennia ago.

Then there were the ancient Kankonian hoishands. They were hired for high-profile assassinations, much like ninjas, and had quite the array of weapons -- bezists, psezens, sukinaps.
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Re: Weapons and Armor of Conworlds

Post by Reyzadren »

My conworld has all your typical fantasy weapons and armors, plus magic ofc.
Swords, axes, spears, daggers, bows, guns, staves, shields etc
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Re: Weapons and Armor of Conworlds

Post by Pabappa »

My people ... yes the whole planet .... are by nature more pacifistic than humans on Earth, and many nations have no standing army, no armor, and no weapons apart from what they need to eat their food. One might expect a single rebellious nation to suit and arm its entire adult population, invade their neighbors, and win an easy victory, but weapons technology is poorly developed in even the more militaristic societies.

I'm leaning towards excluding all range weapons (arrows, boomerangs, etc), although some events in my timeline do make reference to range weapons right now. If I go ahead with the new idea, it will just be fishing spears, lumber axes, and kitchen knives, though admittedly some knives will be large enough that we could consider them swords, as there are many very large and thick-skinned animals on their menus. This means all combat is fought close up, and physical body size is very important.

With little difference between what a soldier can do and what a civilian can do, when armies do invade, they have a difficult time occupying the cities, so borders don't shift around all that much. Some armies have won on the battlefield and then turned back because ordinary citizens fought them off with cookware.
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Re: Weapons and Armor of Conworlds

Post by Man in Space »

Sort of the "signature" weapon of the Caber is the giǵam, basically what we'd call a bagh nakh crossed with slightly sharpened brass knuckles; frequently there's a foldable blade/needle/spike, the that can be opened out from the bottom bar and used to pierce or stab things. This ended up being borrowed into CT as kitłám (pl. ikłám). One of the units of the imperial army, the Caber Corps (Érehûnime ré Kán), is entirely made of Caber-descended recruits and part of their standard-issue kit is the kitłám. The kitłám is, however, by and large restricted to the Caber Corps insofar as the Tim Ar are concerned, though the Caber themselves use it more widely. In the officially-unofficial-turn-a-blind-eye-to-it infighting amongst the Caber petty kingdoms, it's kind of considered bad form/uncouth/"ungentlemanly"/dishonorable to dispatch a high-ranking noble via any other method. You got two rivals who also hate each other? Poison one of them, shoot them, blow them up, literally anything except the giǵam and, if you've sufficiently covered your tracks, the problem will take care of itself.

Another Caber-originated weapon is the ćucơh—in CC this literally just means 'chain' but this was borrowed into CT as łokêḫ (pl. ołkêḫ) with the specialized meaning 'razor chain' or 'tactical chain'. It's kind of like those jump ropes you used in elementary-school gym class, except the "rope" segments are typically peppered with bits of diamond or sharpened metal instead of plastic.

Just as a matter of procedure, I haven't done too too much thinking about this, but there's a…I guess you could call it "genre"?…of Tim Ar-specific guns that has two grips. Such a gun is called a hïn (pl. ihun); I provisionally translate this 'Zweihander', except as applied to a firearm instead of a scalloped sword.
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CC = Common Caber
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Kg = Kgáweq'
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STK = Sisỏk Tlar Kyanà
Tm = Təmattwəspwaypksma
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