Cadence: A Collaborative Conworld

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Cadence: A Collaborative Conworld

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I have been sketching out a world in the margins and scrap pages of my notebooks for about a year now. I've started working on it more recently, and during my attempt to pull all the notes together, the world has grown too big for me. There is already a world map, natural laws and parts of history spread across 4 ages, and 6000 years. The rough outlinings of proto languages and language groups + some basic idea of the geography and climates around the world exist.

Would anyone be interested on working on a world together, the parts that interest them and try to pull together a collaborative world?
The areas of especial interest I would love to work on with people:
  • Conlanggers (Obviously)
  • Geologists
  • Ecologists
  • Historians (Especially political)
I will open a discord server for anyone interested in joining (LINK HERE)

With all that said, the world:
(I hope that uploaded correctly?)

The world is called Cadence, and has 4 ages:
  • The Ima'al period is the first age, and lasted for just over 2000 years. This was the time before gods, when the beings who would later become known as gods still walked the mortal planes. These were chaotic times, constant war between beings of calamitous power brought terror to all the other beings around them. The age ended when the gods formed a pantheon and sealed the flow of magic between planes, restricting the godlike powers away from the realm of Cadence.
  • The Stenuets era follows right after the fall of civilizations and restriction of power and sees the people slowly recreating technology from the ground up.
  • The Lannex period was a feudal age of the world
  • The Ficturian era is the last age I have recorded, and begins with the advent of steampunk technology on Cadence
I originally was writing the world in the Ficturain era, so I have the most material from there, and lately I have been writing in the Ima'al period so I have a fair bit of material from the Ima'al as well. Basically nothing has been written in between so far.

For the conlanger, the exciting bits:
The world has 4 language families; Proto Elman, Proto Adem, Proto Heiai, Proto Rizzâri
I would provide maps to the languages and their spread over time, but I don't think I understand how to link images (I do have the maps though)

Of the languages, Rizzari and Heiai are almost completely undeveloped.
The Elman protectorates being at the center of trade during the Ima'al period was the Lingua Franca, and a pidgin language based on North Elman was used by merchant sailors in trade. Proto Elman is based loosely off of Polynesian languages, and split into Northern and Southern somewhere in the early Ima'al period

Proto Elman
Labial Alveolar Velar Glottal
Nasal m n
Stop p t, d k ʔ (Only a'a)
Fricative ʃ
Approximant l
Tap ɾ
(Someone teach me how to use tables please)

Proto Elman words begin with a vowel, and each syllable after the first follows the CV structure.
It is a VSO language, with adjectives and prepositions being derived from verbs. (Both come before the noun)
Nouns that begin with 'e' or 'u' are animate objects and nouns that begin with 'a' are inanimate.

Meaning Verb Root Noun Root Noun Suffix
elu person - elu -
asha place asha - -
ama I - ama -
uma you - uma -
a'adi water - a'adi -
uru to fall uru - -
urudi rain uru a'adi -
emi to flow/to move emi - -
emilu to walk emi elu -
urumi to flood - urudi emi
a'arumi big urumi - -
eta to swim eta - -
etalu fish eta elu -
a'ata in/on eta - -
ema'asha river emi asha -
imatari to spearfish imatari - -
ikaru to drink ikaru - -
emimi with emi - -

The culture is a seafaring culture centered around individuality and sailing (Which is why many of the words have fishing and sailing roots)

South Elman's phonology is largely the same as Proto Elman but the word and syllable structures change drastically. North Elman's phonology changes somewhat to:

North Elman
Labial Dental Alveolar Velar
Nasal m n
Stop t, d k, g
Fricative ɸ θ s, z
Approximant l
Tap ɾ

Heiai phonology is based on Estonian, except I want the language to lean heavily into many long and prevalent vowel clusters:
Labial Aloveolar Velar Glottal
Nasal m n
Plosive p t k
Fricative f, v s, z, ʃ, ʒ h
Approximant j
Rhotic r

The post is getting to be very long, so I will save the details of cultures, kingdoms, biomes, geologies and histories for anyone interested, but feel free to ask for more details on anything. If you would like to work on the project with me, working together is the best part of a project for and I would love to have anyone interested. Thank you for reading the brief on my world so far! Hopefully I have provided something that will give you all inspiration for your own creations.
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