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Language Construction Tool v0.8.1

Posted: 07 Jun 2020 13:37
by fschober
Dear fellow conlangers.

Half a year ago I started developing a language for the first time. As it grew more and more complex I was desperately searching for a workflow which would let me easily keep track of all the words with all their attributes, maybe even add images and handwriting. I struggled with the boundaries of excel at the time (despite of excel being a superb programm for keeping track of information).
So I decided to develop my own tool, which does exactly what I need. It took me half a year to teach myself python and I got a bit lost with gui-development, but I finally have somthing to show for.



- Adding, Editing and deleting Words from and to a database
- Batch importing and exporting from and to csv/xls/txt
- Adding Images to all words
- Generating Words and exporting them
- Compare words with multiple undockable treeviews
- Analyse texts and import their essential vocabulary
- Import essential words from the web ... ction-Tool

The idea was, to make a tool which is universally aplicable and to keep the production pipeline slim. It basically just functions as SQL-Interface, so you could also access the data from any given webservice if you modify the application a bit.

In hindsight, I would not choose python again for the gui because it is such a high level language, that it feels kinda slow and heavy. But it has some really great nlp-modules.

I would really love your Feedback!


Re: Language Construction Tool v0.8.1

Posted: 08 Jun 2020 00:45
by Reyzadren
It seems to not have the most important feature: conscripts/custom font.