The Orientalism in the constructed languages and the constructed cultures

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The Orientalism in the constructed languages and the constructed cultures


The language construction or «conlanging» is a product of the West. All Western «conlangers» cannot construct languages based upon the non Western languages without the Orientalism. This is evident itself by the fact that they are Western, but in altruism to demonstrate that I am not the irrationel caricature as you see all non Western people, I´ll now present these three pieces of the evidence.

All Western «conlangers» whom construct non Western-based languages use sounds which do not exist in the Western languages. There is a foundational precedent for this under the justification as the «naturalism», exposing how deeply this problem is rooted. When a Western «conlanger» uses the uvular consonants or the pharyngeal consonants, they degrade the non Western languages to the caricature of their sounds. When the Westerners hear these sounds, their intrinsic response is the aversion. These sounds do not exist in your languages for a reason. You cannot prononce them. If you claim to be capable to prononce them, I don´t believe you. Those westerners whom claim to be capable to prononce them, always grossly exagerrate them or use a wrong articulation. You must learn from your birth to prononce these sounds as is their true prononciation. No one in the reality prononces them as you prononce them. If you are a Western «conlanger» whom wishes to construct a non Western-based language, you must respect our languages. Do not caricature our languages. Because you cannot prononce our sounds accurately, you must not include them in your «conlang». It´s evident itself that when we speak your languages, we respect their prononciation and would never degrade them to the caricature of their sounds. I cannot prononce the German palatal lisp and my intrinsic response to it is aversion, and it´s the reason that when I speak the German I prononce the uvular fricative in its place. My prononciation of the German and all Western languages is imperfect and this is natural because the Western languages are not defined upon the linguistic reality but by the Western ideology. Even when I speak the Western language that I was forced to learn from my infancy the Westerners whom speak solely it from their births are capable to identify my accent as the accent of «the other». I cannot hear even one difference in my accent and their accent, but for them the difference is obvious and they don´t believe when I ask what the difference that they hear existent in my accent and their accents is. The Western people´s hearing is specialized to identify the accents of all «non Westerners» as threats upon the West. This is racist. You cannot prononce our sounds and give up at the first difficulty but even when we learn to prononce your sounds from infancy, you hear our accents as the accent of «the other». You cannot even identify the languages of the non Westerners with the accents that you identify as «the other», you cannot even recognize any difference in any of our different languages. You hear as the same all diverse non Western languages: the Arabic, the Persian, the Turkish, the Armenian, the Hindi, the Urdu and every non Western language. For you all of them are perceived as if the same language, «the language of the Orient» but all Westerners effortlessly identify the Greek and the Hebrew because you do not perceive them as the languages of «the Orientals» whom you perceive as the threat.

The Western «conlangers» often construct their Orientalist languages with verbal morphology modeled upon the Arabic. The majority of the non Western languages do not have the Arabic verbal morphology. When the Western «conlangers» model their verbal morphology upon the Arabic, they continue to perpetuate the Orientalist misrepresentation of our diverse languages by the essentialization and the exoticization of every non Western language and culture as parallel with the Arabic. They justify even this by the «naturalism» but the Arabic verbal morphology is unique. None of the other real languages exist with this verbal morphology. Not even the other Semitic languages do not have the identical verbal morphology. The inclusion of the Arabic verbal morphology in your «conlang» is not «naturalistic», it is Orientalist. It is a continuation upon the long legacy of the misrepresentation of our languages. It´s possible however doubtful, that you yourself do not have the racist intent, but as a Western person you do not understand our languages and can only view them through the lens of the Orientalism. For example the grammar of the Arabic has nothing in common with the grammar of the Turkish. This is the truth about every language that is spoken outside of the West and is different from the truth about every language that is spoken in the West, but the Westerners categorize all non Western languages as «the other» but exclude the Greek and the Hebrew that have nothing in common with the Western languages and the peoples who speak them look more like us than like you. This is the legacy of the Orientalist categorization of the past, and the living support for the ideology that the rightful rulers of «the Orient» are the Greeks and the Hebrews. The ideology is continued to be bolstered by the belief that the grammar of the non Western languages is less methodical than the grammar of the Western languages, and that this reflects the character of the peoples who speak non Western languages. We are «simpletons» who communicate at a more primitive level than the Westerners. The Western «conlangers» perpetuate this ideology by constructing their non Western-based languages with the Western grammar or an infantile mockery of the Arabic grammar.

Even a Westerner whom «studies» or «learns» our languages still has the intrinsic Orientalist perception of them. Even if they live for many years in our cultures, they still center themselves and continue to perceive the West as their internalized norm. Furthermore, our languages should not be objects to be studied. We are forced to learn the Western languages to be perceived as persons capable of intellect by the Westerners, but the Westerners are incapable to learn our languages because their intrinsic simplistic worldview that centers themselves and their languages as the norm. You must learn a non Western language from your birth in its natural culture. This is the reason why the children of the immigrants in the West do not feel the living heartbeat of their cultures. It´s not possible to internalize the language without learning it in its natural culture. When a Western «conlanger» constructs a non Western-based language, they make a mockery of the non Western languages because our languages cannot be separated from their natural cultures. The reason the declaration of this fact upsets all Westerners is that all Westerners believe that the Western languages have connections to the cultures of their speakers. This is false and any argument against this fact is rooted in the belief in the misconception that the Western languages are «natural». The Western languages and the Western culture are the products of the centuries of the artificial standardization and the mutilation of their natural cultures. The Western cultures do not have living heartbeats, they have only the one shared heartbeat of the colonialism and the otherization of non Western peoples. All non Western languages have been subjected to the linguistic imperialism under the Western colonialism, and grievously our languages must continue to self-colonize to survive in the modern world. The Western «conlangers» continue to invent new ways to colonize «the exotic Orient» under the guise of fiction, and this is an insult to the survival of our languages and cultures. We will not allow you to distort the history by calling it «alternate history» and «what if» in the endless Orientalist scenarios you invent. We will not pretend that it is something except the imperialist fantasies intrinsic to the West, because that is what they are. Every time you invent a non Western-based «conlang» and fantasize on the character of its speakers, you continue the legacy of the Orientalism.

The Orientalism is alive on all forums for the language construction on the Internet, and on this forum it is the worst I have seen. I cannot even count the number of the Western «conlangers» on this forum whom grossly caricature our languages and our cultures. Many constructed languages and cultures of the users of this forum are so cartoonishly grotesque in comparison to the real non Western cultures that their character is indistinguishable from the Orientalist works of the past now universally condemned in the academia. You portray us as every negative stereotype and invent new stereotypes. You reduce our languages to «the exotic sounds» and grammatical mockery. We condemn this Orientalism. If you are a Western «conlanger», you must at once cease and desist from the construction of non Western-based languages. If you continue to construct non Western-based languages even after we tell you that it is Orientalist, then we will see you for what you are.