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Haven’t done this yet for the many years I’ve been on here
Alias(es): Birdlang, Pigeon City Chicken.
Location: Virginia (Northern Virginia specifically)
Date of birth: 11/18/1997
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight.
Occupation: Musician (Amateur producer and member of band), former student (graduated vocational and high school this year).
Interests: Music, linguistics, birds, bugs, toy collection, design, and manufacturing, synthesizers, musical instruments, conlanging.
Favorite music: Indonesian music, Indian music, Latin music, European music, oldies from the 90’s and early 2000’s and earlier to the 60’s, various other foreign music, anything that uses synthesizers definitely (that’s the instrument I mainly play), really anything other than any forms of metal (never was able to get into it), as well as any kind of punk, grunge, anything with Autotune abuse, or mumble rap. I do like some new music but it’s all foreign music and synthwave/vaporwave/80’s synth style music. I love dangdut and Indonesian regular and regional pop music.
Political ideology: I don’t have a political ideology, but I’d say if I was it would be center (I tend not to lean towards the left or lean towards the right, if I lean towards anything it’s left-wing beliefs like rights for everyone and also I hope for more rights for neurodivergent people like myself and people with disabilities).
Religion: Catholic but the religion has certain views I don’t really like and has some controversies so I’m trying to become atheist or agnostic.
Conlangs: Birdish language continuum, other Birdic languages, Bartalonian, Slarg, Fakeic languages, several natlang family based languages, and more from my various conlang families.
Natlangs Education: English is my native language. I am learning Indonesian and Russian as well as Spanish and I know Italian and I want to learn Czech and Slovak as well as Polish, Malay, Batak Toba, and German. I know bits of those languages already as well as Batak Karo, Javanese, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Bangla, and Punjabi.
Other hobbies: Music (I mainly use FL Studio and synths to make music), toy collecting and making, Pokémon games, main series Mario games, other Nintendo games, collecting CDs, learning languages (currently Indonesian, Spanish, and Russian, waiting for Malayalam or Tamil and an Indonesian regional language to be added to Duolingo), and many more. Im also in a band (unfortunately mainstream American indie, rock, and pop mostly, something I’m not a fan of) And I hope to form my own band or music project that has some albums.
Where do you see yourself in ten years? not sure, I guess having my own company and record label and maybe owning an Etsy store.
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Re: You

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Birdlang wrote: 16 Jul 2020 12:07 former student (graduated vocational and high school this year).
Congratulations on graduating high school! Let's hope I can do the same [:'(].
Disregard anything said above; I know nothing.
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Re: You

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Birdlang wrote: 16 Jul 2020 12:07
I am pleased to know you better, Birdlang! Thanks for the post!
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