Team Competition Collab

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Team Competition Collab

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This collaboration is being done in discord. The collaboration has a certain amount of teams, with each team containing four members. Each team works on a language of their own, participating in "challenge" prompts in hope of winning the quality or speed prompts. New teams are formed when old ones are filled up.
  • For every two teams there is one "supra-group", where are allowed to share notes with each other and talk directly about their languages.
    Language-building takes place primarily in English.
    Teams are formed in such a way to try and include people with others in close time zones, to maximize activity and discussion.
Activity is expected, inactive members are kicked and new ones are let take slots of inactive members.

There are some rules;
  • No hate-speech or defense thereof.
    No NSFW (not safe for work) discussions or images.
    You may not share information with rival teams! (But can share some with fellow supra-group members)
    If you have not been assigned a team, contact the server head. If you would like to merely spectate, let the server head know which team you want to watch.
We have both a speed competition and a quality competition when it comes to prompts. The first team to complete a prompt for speedy-prompts is declared the speed winner. In quality-prompts, the server head chooses which submission is best.

With all that out of the way, here is the server link;
:con: Gândölansch (Gondolan)Feongkrwe (Feongrkean)Tamhanddön (Tamanthon)Θανηλοξαμαψⱶ (Thanelotic)Yônjcerth (Yaponese)Ba̧supan (Basupan)Mùthoķán (Mothaucian) :con:
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