Yet another conlanging tool

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Yet another conlanging tool

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Hello everyone. Sorry for not being around much, but I swear I'm still conlanging. For those of you who read my Emilian lessons, I'm also preparing some sort of introductory manual/vademecum to the language. I'll post it somewhere on the forum when it's finished.

Anyway, my daily job is programming and I love it to the point that I do it in my free time too. Thus, I decided that I would try and build a general purpose conlanging tool, allowing the users to manage their conlang's phonology, grammar, lexicon and so on in one integrated place. I know there are already many tools like this, but I do it for fun, it's not like I'm trying to create the ultimate piece of software that the entire world would use.

This being said I would still like the tool to turn out well, and to use it myself on a regular basis. This is why I already posted on Reddit and I am now posting here to look for people to help me.
I'm mosly looking for C# programmers and students who also have a competence in linguistics. Currently there's only two of us but the software did get started, we sketched 10-something tables and a couple GUIs so not much but still, it's a starting point. Some technologies we're using are WinUI (quite similar to WPF/UWP) and SqLite through Entity Framework Core. I am willing to teach them to people who put effort into learning, thus this project could be a learning experience for those of you who need one.

If you're interested, please join the project's Discord server at this address and read the getting-started channel. Note that the project is for fun only and nobody's getting a cent from it, me included, so only join to have some fun and see your name in the credits.
Thank you!
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