False Friends game

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False Friends game

Post by aliensdrinktea »

This is a variation of a game from the ConWorkShop boards that works similar to a game of telephone. The rules are simple:

1. The first player posts a word in their conlang, with the pronunciation and translation.
2. The next player responds with a similar-sounding existing word or words in their conlang, again with pronunciation and a translation.
3. Repeat ad infinitum.


First poster:

Next poster:
shai kha-zu
/ɕaj ˈxazu/
the river cooks

I'll start us off with a word from Classical Miyorran:

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Re: False Friends game

Post by Titus Flavius »

East Gadian
pånkå [ˈpɔnkɔ] - east.
Used mainly as place, for example
"Pånkåd ġåd ðebte kånðåtut"
east-LOC cow-PL little be-3pl
On the east, the cows are little
or in manner similar to our "middle east" and "far east", as opposed to "pån" used as direction, which can be translated as "eastwards", but also as the name for the abstract concept of east. The sunrise is named "gåpånkåd" literally "sun on the east" (fossilized compound of sun+on the east)
ω - near-close near-back unrounded vowel.
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