Kovro, a test with fusional morphology

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Kovro, a test with fusional morphology

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Kovro is a language with fusional synthesis on the verbs, much like many Indo-European languages, though I still need to work out the other areas, such as grammatical gender, and whether nouns should also be inflected (albeit agglutinatively) or treated analytically. Kovro has a (C)(C)V(C) syllable structure. It's a test in fusional morphology, and I'm quite pleased with how it has turned out so far.

/a ɛ i ɤ o ɯ u/
/m n ŋ ɲ/
/p pʰ t t k kʰ c ʔ/
/j w ʍ/
/s~ʃ f v h/
/r l/
/tʃ dʒ/

• Fusional morphology
• Tenses: Non-Past, Recent Past, Distant Past
• Two numbers: Singular and plural
• Possession: Inherent and Non-inherent. (prefix ‘su-‘)
• Stress falls on the penultimate syllable
tʃo- 1st person
vu- 3rd person

-mek ‘plural suffix’
Kovni- to speak
Kovro- language
Tulni- to be
Vekni- to dance
Vekon- I dance
Vekut- he dances
Veka- you dance
Vekorme- we dance
Vekurte- they dance
Vekaja- you (pl.) dance
dʒe- to
skʰatu- music

Savni- to eat
Vekorme dʒe skʰatu (je skhatu)
Vekorme skʰatudʒe (skhatuje)
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