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Oddúhath Claire Scratchpad

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Oddúhath Claire is something like my 4th attempt to fuse the Celtic languages (particularly Welsh, and Irish), and the Semitic languages (Arabic, Aramaic). I'll be posting whatever I come up with here (or at least, for a little while).


Phoneme Inventory
/m̥ m n̥ n ŋ̊ ŋ/ mh m nh n-nn ngh ng
/p b pˤ bˤ t d tˤ dˤ k g kˤ gˤ q/ p b ph bh t d tt dh g-c gh gg ggh k
/s sˤ ʃ ʃˤ/ s z sh zh
/w f v fˤ vˤ θ ð θˤ ðˤ r̥ r j x ɣ h/ wh f v fh vh th dd tth ddh rh r y ch gc h
/l ll/ l ll

/ɪ iː ʊ uː/ i í u ú
/ɛ eː ə ɘː ɔ oː/ e é w ẃ o ó
/a ɑː/ a á

Alveolar and Post alveolar stops and sibilant fricatives palatalize before /j/.
t > c before /j/
d > ɟ before /j/
s > rʲ before /j/
ʃ > ɕ before /j/
ʃˤ > ɕˤ before /j/

Frontal fricatives become stops before /r/
θ > t̪ before /r/
ð > d̪ before /r/
θˤ > t̪ˤ before /r/, and colors /r/ pharyngeal
ðˤ > d̪ˤ before /r/, and colors /r/ pharyngeal
s > ɾ before /r/
sˤ > ɾˤ before r/, and colors /r/ pharyngeal
f > p̪ before /r/
v > b̪ before /r/
fˤ > p̪ˤ before /r/, and /r/ is colored pharyngeal
vˤ > b̪ˤ before /r/, and /r/ is colored pharyngeal

q > ʀ syllable finally

Pharyngeals palatalize before /ɪ iː/.

Stops aspirate intervocally

Syllable Structure
Oddúhath Claire allows for (C)(C)V(C)(C) syllables.

Stops can't end a word.

Permitted Consonant Clusters
Nasal + Approximant or Nasal + Fricative (Lloccaégle)
Fricative + Nasal word finally (Langs)
(Nasal +) Stop + Fricatives (Muntshestwrns)

The next post will go more in-depth on vowels.
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