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This is an old language I dug up and is semi-abandoned. I plan to revisit it soon and tweak some of it since I have another project with a similar phonology that was loosely based on this one.

Chandayo is a language spoken by a race of people (also called Chandayo) who live along a mountain range. It is primarily analytic and has a V2 word order. Nouns are inflected for number via register tones, though I have not yet fleshed out that part, yet. Partial reduplication is used on verbs to express frequency or intensity. The max syllable is CVS, where S stands for any sonorant.

Chandayo / t͡ɕa.nda.ɥo/

/m n ɲ/
/p t c k ʔ/
/mb nd ɲɟ ŋg/
/f s ɕ x θ/
/l ʀ/
/ʋ ɥ/
/t͡s t͡ɕ/

/a e i o u/

*/mb nd ɲɟ ŋg/ are prenasalized stops.

nde- 1st person
ʋo- 2nd person
ndeʋo- 1st person inclusive
t͡saɲ - person
-(i)lo ‘plural suffix’
koʀ- proximal demonstrative
kum- distal demonstrative
na- to
si- and
lom- negative particle

mbaʋe- horse (mba2.ʋe3 ‘horses’)
ndege- house, home
piʀo- bird
ŋɟamu- fish
casu- eat
ra.mbi- swim
t͡ɕ land
ka.pu.ɥe- happy kill
me.nde- strike
lasu- rabbit

Nde mendetupe lasu

I swim to land.
nde ra.mbi na t͡ɕ

-ti ‘verb to noun’
-(u)n ‘noun to verb’
-ro ‘adjective to noun’
- ŋgu ‘noun to adjective’

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