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I took a break from conlanging for a while due to work and a little bit of depression, but I'm back baby! And today I bring you my latest conlang: Auitluo.

Here are a few basics:
Split ergative alignment (inanimate nouns are ergative)
Slightly agglutinative but mostly analytical inflection
Adjective noun
Noun adposition
Adverb verb/adjective
Verb auxiliary
Noun postposition

Phonetic Inventory
/m n ŋ/ m n ng
/p t tɬ tɕ k/ p t tl ch k
/s ɬ ɕ h/ s lh sh h
/l ɾ j w/ l r y/i w/u

/i u/ i u
/e o/ e o
/ä/ a

When in an open and or stressed syllable /ä/ is realized as [a̝] before /l n t s ɬ tɬ tɕ j/ and as [ɑ] before /ŋ k w/
When in an unstressed closed syllable /i u e o ä/ are realized as [ɪ ʊ ɛ ɔ ə]
/p t k/ are unreleased word finally
/sl/ and /ls/ are realized as [ɬɬ]
/tl/ is realized as [tɬ]
/tj sj ɬj nj lj/ are realized as [tɕ ɕ ʎ̝ ɲ ʎ]
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Re: Auitluo

Post by eldin raigmore »

1. How are you doing, Carson? I remember celebrating your birthday some time ago, but I don’t remember when; we were talking about head-marking vs dependent-marking and how it related to construct state vs genitive case.

2. Is there more you want to tell us about Auitluo? Is there something you’d like to ask us about it?
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