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I took a break from conlanging for a while due to work and a little bit of depression, but I'm back baby! And today I bring you my latest conlang: Auitluo.

Here are a few basics:
Split ergative alignment (inanimate nouns are ergative)
Slightly agglutinative but mostly analytical inflection
Adjective noun
Noun adposition
Adverb verb/adjective
Verb auxiliary
Noun postposition

Phonetic Inventory
/m n ŋ/ m n ng
/p t tɬ tɕ k/ p t tl ch k
/s ɬ ɕ h/ s lh sh h
/l ɾ j w/ l r y/i w/u

/i u/ i u
/e o/ e o
/ä/ a

When in an open and or stressed syllable /ä/ is realized as [a̝] before /l n t s ɬ tɬ tɕ j/ and as [ɑ] before /ŋ k w/
When in an unstressed closed syllable /i u e o ä/ are realized as [ɪ ʊ ɛ ɔ ə]
/p t k/ are unreleased word finally
/sl/ and /ls/ are realized as [ɬɬ]
/tl/ is realized as [tɬ]
/tj sj ɬj nj lj/ are realized as [tɕ ɕ ʎ̝ ɲ ʎ]

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