Ummaví? (credited to Sheikh_Kristophe)

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Ummaví? (credited to Sheikh_Kristophe)

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The idea of an "Esperanto of the Muslim World" sound interesting -- I would like to learn the language if a complete grammar and lexicon of it has already been made, or if they are not (as it seems currently) participate in the language's construction. The problem is that the only existing trace of the language seems to be this Reddit thread ... lim_world/

whose creator, who goes by the username u/Sheikh_Kristophe, has had his username deleted from reddit, by his own hand or by some third party. Has anyone heard of the guy, or maybe of this conlang he had been working on? The comments on the thread are 11 months old -- I judge that it won't any more be of no use to comment anything on the thread.

It won't do any justice on my part if I don't include a short summary and review of the conlang, so.. here goes: Ummaví is conlang drawn from languages spoken in parts of the world wherein Muslims are the majority. The language mainly draws from Arabic, Turkish, and Persian but also takes from Hausa, Indonesian-Malay, and Hindi-Urdu (he should've also taken from Swahili I think, which, by the way, happens to have already in its vocabulary substantial amounts of Arabic loanwords).
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