The 'Conlangs' Collection: Threads to keep you posting

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The 'Conlangs' Collection: Threads to keep you posting

Post by Aevas »

This post is a collection of various threads from all across the Conlangs forum. The purpose of this collection is to serve as an index of good threads that provide opportunities for participating on the forum—be it by showcasing your conlang, discussing the craft, or sharing interesting ideas. The list of threads is my subjective selection.

Please note that this post is a WORK IN PROGRESS. I have gone through all threads going back to 2012, and I have a long list of threads that I might put on here; but at the moment I have prioritized getting this post out at all, rather than having it be perfectly complete. For this reason I ask you not to suggest threads for it, for the moment being. Also keep in mind that some threads are relatively old, meaning that those who posted in them might not be active on the board anymore.


Showcasing your conlang: Lexicon Showcasing your conlang: Behind the scenes Using and practicing your conlang Developing your conlang Ideas and discussing them Other people's conlangs Being a conlanger Your conlanging working process Challenges to participate in Completed challenges (for inspiration)
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Re: The 'Conlangs' Collection: Threads to keep you posting

Post by Khemehekis »

Thank you for posting this, Aevas! I've rediscovered some old threads and discovered some new ones.

And I see that the "Nicely presented conlangs" thread needs more love.

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