Spirittongue and Druidic

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Spirittongue and Druidic

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As you know, I'm working on a roleplay setting in a fictional galaxy. I'm making a new topic because I've had to overhaul how the languages work to make them more pronouncable for my English-speaking players. For example, Spirittongue, and its derivitive—Druidic, are based off of Hawai'ian. But, I'm not sure how to derive Druidic yet. Thus, I'll start off with Spirittongue's info. It should be noted that we'll be using [θl, θlː] <thl, tthl>, rather than the indicated values, for the fricative for convenience.

[p t ʋ̥] replace [b g ʋ] in Celestial dialect
Length contrast in medial consonants is achieved by doubling the consonant (Bahbeʻe [ˈpɐɬ.pe.ʔe] vs. Nihha [niˈɬːɐ]), excepting [ʔː]—which is forbidden
Vowels are pronounced separately
Stress is on the first syllable containing a fricative or glottal consonant
/m n/ <m n>
/b g ʔ/ <b g ʻ>
/ɬ/ <h>
/ʋ l/ <w l>

/ɐ ɐː e eː i iː o oː u uː/ <a à e è i ì o ò u ù>
Alien conlangs (Font may be needed for Vai symbols)
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