Back on the Grid : Modern Tocharian Scratchpad

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Back on the Grid : Modern Tocharian Scratchpad

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I must admit that this project is a mere retreat; having stumbled upon quite a stumbling block in my Khotanese project (a quite trifling one, but one which had virtually halted any appearance to further progress and one that never ceases to haunt me daily) I decided to take a break from the latter-- for the sake of my mental faculties. Hence this project.. which I have readily stuffed in my virtual scrollcase for some while.

Phonology and Orthography:

Modern Tocharian would most likely be written in an adaptation of the Uyghur alphabet (along with its quirks, viz. plene of vowels); however I have also decided to invent a Cyrilisation of the same. Why? Aesthetics-- I have dreamed and imagined of the language in Cyrillic.


/p b t d k g (q)*/ п б т д к г қ پ ب ت د ك گ ق
/m n ŋ/ м н ң م ن ڭ
/χ ʁ/ х ғ خ غ
/s z ts dz(?) ʃ tʃ dʒ/ с з ц дз ш ч ж س ز څ ځ ش چ ج
/r l j w/ р л й в ر ل ي ۋ

*only in loanwords

also: palatalisation and labialisation (details inc. phonotactics etc. forthcoming)


/a/ a
/ɨ/ и
/i/ i
/ɛ/ э e
/e/ e
/ɔ/ o
/u/ u

я for /ja/

(to be continued.. it's 1 am and I feel like watching some anime)
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Re: Back on the Grid : Modern Tocharian Scratchpad

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Is there more yet?
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