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Munsee vs Unami

Posted: 29 Apr 2020 20:59
by ThatAnalysisGuy
Hello. I have been studying the Eastern Algonquian languages recently. One language that I have focused on is the Munsee Delaware language, which interests me as it only has two speakers left (both living in Ontario).

But when I researched this language, I noticed something that perplexed me. I have been looking at books and attestations on both the Munsee language and the Unami language (and its dialects), and I noticed that books for these languages/dialects use the terms either Delaware or Lenape for both languages. I wish to attest and preserve the Munsee language to a further extent.

Does anyone know which books belong to Munsee and which ones belong to Unami? Thanks for reading.

Re: Munsee vs Unami

Posted: 28 Jun 2020 05:52
by eldin raigmore
I definitely don’t know anything you don’t.
I just found out about these two languages recently.
I just wanted to let you know someone else wishes you success in this endeavour.