Korean transliteration

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Korean transliteration

Post by dva_arla »

Has anybody ever thought of a transliteration of Korean that uses diareses?

i.e. ö for ㅚ, ü for ㅟ, ä for ㅐ, and (possibly) ë for ㅐ (though the last usage may be somewhat... objectionable, for reasons to be clarified below).

These are only parts of a wider proposal for a brand new "overhaul" of existing transliteration systems -- though more details in this system may be contented.

ㄱ k
ㄴ n ㄷ t ㄹ r (never l)
ㅁ m ㅂ p
ㅅ s ㅈ c
ㅊ ch ㅋ kh ㅌ th ㅍ ph ㅎ h
ㄲ kk ㄸ tt ㅃ pp ㅆ ss ㅉ cc
ㅇ - / ' / ng

I have chosen to distinguish aspirated jamos from their non-aspirated / lenis counterparts using the letter h (i.e. Yale / McCune). There is evidence that indicated that the aspirated letters are analysable as underlying /C + h/, e.g. the fact that both ㅌ and ㅎ+ㄷ are pronounced /tʰ/. Problem is that such a way to denote aspirated Korean consonants, being similar to the used in the DPRK, might possibly be politically interpreted.

ㅏ a ㅐ ä ㅑya ㅒ yä
ㅓe ㅔ ë ㅕye ㅖ yë
ㅗ o ㅘ oa ㅚ ö ㅙ oä ㅛ yo
ㅜ u ㅝ ue ㅟ ü ㅞ uë ㅠ yu
ㅡ ı ㅢ ıi / ï ㅣi

A possible contention to the pair e/ë is that the current pronunciation of the former is nowhere close to /e/, or even a schwa. Perhaps an alternative e/é?

The letter j not being used in this transliteration, it may instead be used to stand for /j/ or iotation, whereupon the letter y can then alternatively transcribe ㅡ (as in Polish).


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Simrito moskase parpyengnanta.
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Re: Korean transliteration

Post by Creyeditor »

I have seen Umlauts in German transcriptions of Korean.
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Re: Korean transliteration

Post by Aevas »

Creyeditor wrote: 22 Jun 2021 07:35 I have seen Umlauts in German transcriptions of Korean.
Same in Swedish ones. The capital of Korea used to be spelled Söul, which is the same as in older German.
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Re: Korean transliteration

Post by Backstroke_Italics »

Yale/McCune is not automatically associated with North Korea, so you don't have to worry about the political vibe. Proper nouns have partially resisted the various updates, so people are used to seeing older schemes from time to time.

The main issue here is that the new system deliberately scrubbed out non-ASCII characters for a reason. Putting diacritics back in, but different ones from before, is going to be a hard sell.
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Re: Korean transliteration

Post by Tsugar »

Basically the new romanization was preferred because you could write it on English-language keyboards
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