Code language for secret agents

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Code language for secret agents

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Here’s my second attempt at creating a code language for agents and spies. The code language is supposed to work with all languages the exact same way.

The main idea is to:
1. Take common sentence structures which people use to describe things.
2. Analyse how people continue their description from there on and do the exact opposite to deliver the coded message.

For example when you describe that “New York has a subway system” you almost always continue by describing that subway system further. In this code language you continue by describing New York further. By doing so, you’re talking about yourself. So whenever you start a sentence in the form “X has something”, you’re assigning “X” to mean the word “me/myself/I”.

“NEW YORK HAS a subway system” —> New York = “me”.
“DOG HAS fleas” —> Dog = “me”.
“CARROT HAS vitamines” —> Carrot = “me”.

Example of such discussion:
“MY CAR HAS RUST in its bumpers.” —> My car = myself from now on.
“It can be hard to get it back in service after what it’s gone through.” —> It will be hard to get me back in service after what I’ve gone through.

To describe your discussion partner (“you”), you start a sentence in the form “Something is like X”:

“New York IS LIKE A HUGE BEEHIVE” —> Beehive = “you”.
“Dog IS VERY FURRY” —> Furry = “you”.
“Carrot IS ORANGE in color” —> Orange = “you”.

Example of such discussion:
“My neighbour IS CONFUSED most of the time.” —> Confused = you from now on.
“A confused person doesn’t understand what’s in his best interest.” —> You don’t understand what’s in your best interest.

You can also use plural instead of singular form to mean the same thing as above:
“My neighbours ARE CONFUSED most of the time.”
“Confused people don’t understand what’s in their best interests.”

To make this system a bit more robust, all coded messages should be discussed in the present tense.
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Re: Code language for secret agents

Post by Gico »

That sounds interesting, too complicated though.
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