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Replacement puns

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We have a number of these in English:

bikini -> monokini (replacing bi- with mono-, as if the bi- in "bikini" were the prefix for two)
utopia -> dystopia (as if the u- in "utopia" were eu-; cf. euphemism/dysphemism, euphoric/dysphoric, and the like)
history -> herstory (replacing "his" with "hers")
other feminist coinages such as "femstruate" and "cuntroach"
copyright -> copyleft (as if the "right" in "copyright" referred to the political spectrum rather than legal rights)
me too -> me three (as if the "too" in "me too" were "two")

What are some replacement puns in other natlangs? Do you have any in any of your conlangs?

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