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Re: Indirect speech

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:con: Yélian

I'm pretty sure I did this challenge before the board was pruned, but alas, here we go again. In Yélian it's really not that special anyway.

Cen yipalʻi »Curest pès siné«.
[kən ɕɨˈpalʔi: "ˈkuːɾəs‿pɛs sɨˈneː]
3PL.REC PST-say-3PL: "go-1PLEX to cinema
They said, "We are going to the cinema."

Cen yipalʻi pi yicurʻi pès siné.
[kən ɕɨˈpalʔi pɨ ɕɨkuɾʔi pɛs sɨˈneː]
3PL.REC PST-say-3PL that PST-go-3PL to cinema
They said that they were going to the cinema.
Wipe the glass. This is the usual way to start, even in the days, day and night, only a happy one.

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