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Flag Icons

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The following flag icons are currently present on the forum. They are sorted geographically, with sovereign states listed first, and subnational entities below them. After these, ethnic and/or unofficial flags are listed.

You access the flag icons by clicking on "View more smilies" to your left, when writing a new post. You can also use the code for each flag smiley, by putting a : on each side of the the code shown in bold next to the icons below. For example, : nor : (without the spaces) will give :nor: . The codes are for the most part based ISO 3166-1.


:alb: alb Albania
:aut: aut Austria
:blr: blr Belarus
> :blr2: blr2 Belarus (alternative)
:bel: bel Belgium
> :vls: vls Flanders
> :wln: wln Wallonia
:bul: bul Bulgaria
:hrv: hrv Croatia
:cze: cze Czech Republic
:dan: dan Denmark
> :for: for Faroe Islands
> :grl: grl Greenland
>> :dk-bo: dk-bo Bornholm
:est: est Estonia
:fin: fin Finland
> :fi-ll: fi-ll Lappi/Lappland
> :fi-al2: fi-al2 Åland
> :fi-ob: fi-ob Österbotten/Pohjanmaa
:fra: fra France
> :fr-al: fr-al Alsace
> :fr-br: fr-br Brittany
> :fr-co: fr-co Corsica
> :fr-no: fr-no Normandy
:deu: deu Germany
> :de-by: de-by Bavaria
> :de-be: de-be Berlin
> :de-bb: de-bb Brandenburg
> :de-hb: de-hb Bremen
> :de-hh: de-hh Hamburg
> :de-ni: de-ni Lower Saxony
> :de-mv: de-mv Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
> :de-nw: de-nw North Rhine-Westphalia
> :de-sn: de-sn Saxony
> :de-st: de-st Saxony-Anhalt
> :de-sh: de-sh Schleswig-Holstein
:ell: ell Greece
:hun: hun Hungary
:isl: isl Iceland
:irl: irl Ireland
:ita: ita Italy
> :it-sa: it-sa Sardinia
:lva: lva Latvia
:lit: lit Lithuania
:lux: lux Luxembourg
:mkd: mkd Macedonia (FYROM)
:mlt: mlt Malta
:mda: mda Moldova
> :md-ga: md-ga Gagauzia
:mne: mne Montenegro
:nld: nld Netherlands
> :nl-fr: nl-fr Friesland (Fryslân)
:nor: nor Norway
:pol: pol Poland
> :pl-wp: pl-wp Greater Poland
> :pl-mp: pl-mp Lesser Poland
> :pl-ma: pl-ma Masovia
> :pl-pm: pl-pm Pomerania (Poland)
> :pl-sl: pl-sl Silesia
:por: por Portugal
:rou: rou Romania
:rus: rus Russia
> :ru-ce: ru-ce Chechnya
>> :ru-ce2: ru-ce2 Chechnya (alternative)
> :ru-da: ru-da Dagestan
> :ru-in: ru-in Ingushetia
> :ru-kb: ru-kb Kabardino-Balkaria
> :ru-kr: ru-kr Karelia
>> :ru-kr2: ru-kr2 Karelia (alternative)
> :ru-kk: ru-kk Khakassia
> :ru-ko: ru-ko Komi
> :ru-sa: ru-sa Sakha
> :ru-ta: ru-ta Tatarstan
> :ru-ty: ru-ty Tuva (Tyva)
> :ru-ud: ru-ud Udmurtia
:srb: srb Serbia
:slk: slk Slovakia
:slv: slv Slovenia
:esp: esp Spain
> :es-an: es-an Andalusia
> :es-ar: es-ar Aragon
> :es-as: es-as Asturias
> :es-pv: es-pv Basque Country
> :es-cl: es-cl Castile and León
> :es-ca: es-ca Catalonia
> :es-ga: es-ga Galicia
> :es-vc: es-vc Valencian Community
:swe: swe Sweden
> :se-da: se-da Dalarna (Dalecarlia)
> :se-ja: se-ja Jämtland
> :se-sk: se-sk Skåne
> :se-sk2: se-sk2 Skåne
> :se-up: se-up Uppland
> :se-vg: se-vg Västergötland
> :ovd: ovd Älvdalen/Övdaln
> :se-og: se-og Östergötland
:che: che Switzerland
> :ch-gr: ch-gr Grisons
:ukr: ukr Ukraine
:gbr: gbr United Kingdom
> :eng: eng England
>> :gb-con: gb-con Cornwall
>> :gb-gld: gb-gld Greater London
>> :gb-lan: gb-lan Lancashire
>> :gb-lin: gb-lin Lincolnshire
>> :gb-net: gb-net Newcastle
>> :gb-yks: gb-yks Yorkshire
> :ggy: ggy Guernsey
>> :gg-ald: gg-ald Alderney
>> :gg-sar: gg-sar Sark
> :imn: iom Isle of Man
> :jey: jey Jersey
> :sco: sco Scotland
> :wls: wls Wales

:grc: grc Ancient Greek
:rup: rup Aromanian
:frp: frp Arpitania
:crh: crh Crimean Tatar
:frs: frs East Frisia
:eur: eur European Union
:got: got Gothic
:fur: fur Friuli
:csb: csb Kashubian
:lat: lat Latin
:liv: liv Livonian
:fit: fit Meänkieli/Tornedalian
:frr: frr North Frisia
:oci: oci Occitania
:non: non Old Norse
:rom: rom Romani
:sme: sme Sámi
:wen: wen Sorbian
:vep: vep Vepsian


:can: can Canada
> :ca-nl: ca-nl Newfoundland and Labrador
> :ca-nu: ca-nu Nunavut
> :ca-qc: ca-qc Quebec
:hti: hti Haiti
:jam: jam Jamaica
:mex: mex Mexico
> :mx-son: mx-son Sonora
:usa: usa United States
> :us-al: us-al Alabama
> :us-ak: us-ak Alaska
> :us-az: us-az Arizona
> :us-ca: us-ca California
> :us-co: us-co Colorado
> :us-la: us-la Louisiana
> :us-md: us-md Maryland
> :us-ma: us-ma Massachusetts
> :us-nm: us-nm New Mexico
> :us-oh: us-oh Ohio
> :us-pa: us-pa Pennsylvania
> :us-tx: us-tx Texas
> :us-tn: us-tn Tennessee
> :us-wa: us-wa Washington
>> :us-nyc: us-nyc New York City

:ant: ant Netherlands Antilles
:abw: abw Aruba

:frc: frc Acadiana
:caricom: caricom CARICOM
:chr: chr Cherokee
:cab: cab Garifuna
:iro: iro Iroquois
:haw: haw Native Hawaii
:nav: nav Navajo
:lkt: lkt Oglala Lakota


:agn: agn Argentina
:bol: bol Bolivia
:bra: bra Brazil
:chi: chi Chile
:col: col Colombia
:per: per Peru
:slb: slb Salomon Islands
:srn: srn Suriname

:andean: andean Andean Community
:pln: pln Bolívar (Palenquero)
:que: que Quechua
:mercosur: mercosur Mercosur
:unasur: unasur UNASUR


:aus: aus Australia
:fsm: fsm Micronesia (FSM)
:nzl: nzl New Zealand
:png: png Papua New Guinea
:vut: vut Vanuatu

:us-mp: us-mp Northern Mariana Islands

:aab: aab Aboriginal Australian
:mri: mri Maori
:pacific: pacific Pacific Islands Forum


:arm: arm Armenia
:aze: aze Azerbaijan
:bgd: bgd Bangladesh
:mmr: mmr Burma/Myanmar
:khm: khm Cambodia
:chn: chn China (PRC)
> :hkg: hkg Hong Kong
:geo: geo Georgia
> :abk: abk Abkhazia
:kaz: kaz Kazakhstan
:kir: kir Kyrgyzstan
:kor: kor Korea (ROK)
:lao: lao Laos
:ind: ind India
:idn: idn Indonesia
:irn: irn Iran
:isr: isr Israel
:jpn: jpn Japan
> :jp-oos: jp-oos Ōsaka
:mys: mys Malaysia
:mon: mon Mongolia
:pak: pak Pakistan
:phl: phl Phillippines
:lka: lka Sri Lanka
:twn: twn Taiwan/China (ROC)
:tjk: tjk Tajikistan
:tha: tha Thailand
:tur: tur Turkey
:tkm: tkm Turkmenistan
:uzb: uzb Uzbekistan
:vie: vie Vietnam
> :vie2: vie2 Vietnam (alternative)

:ain: ain Ainu
:arab: arableague Arab League
:ara: ara Arabic
:arab: arab Arabic (alternative)
:asean: asean ASEAN
:bsk: bsk Hunza/Burushaski
:kur: kur Kurdistan
:lez: lez Lezgian
:oss: oss Ossetia
:ryu: ryu Ryukyuan
:tib: tib Tibet
:uig: uig Uyghur


:bwa: bwa Botswana
:cod: cod D. R. Congo
:eth: eth Ethiopia
:gin: gin Guinea
:lso: lso Lesotho
:mdg: mdg Madagascar
:nam: nam Namibia
:nga: nga Nigeria
:sen: sen Senegal
:sle: sle Sierra Leone
:som: som Somalia
:zaf: zaf South Africa
:tan: tan Tanzania

:african: african African Union
:ber: ber Berber


:con: con Conlang
:epo: epo Esperanto
:ido: ido Ido
:tlh: tlh Klingon
:lotr: lotr Languages of the Lord of the Rings
:lfn: lfn Lingua Franca Nova
:navi: navi Na'vi
:qya: qya Quenya
:sjn: sjn Sindarin
:vol: vol Volapük
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Re: How to make translations. Look here before you translate

Post by Aevas »

If you don't want to use the :con: symbol for your conlang, but rather a flag/symbol of your own, you may do so. However, this icon must be of the same size and format as the flag icons currently included on the board. If you include images breaking these restrictions it may be removed without notification.

Also note that you are responsible for your own icons, and will have to link them from a third party site. As a general rule, the CBB will not add your flag to its flag icon inventory, and please do not ask us to do so.