The heretics have burnt our temple!

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Re: The heretics have burnt our temple!

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Omzinesý wrote: 02 May 2022 12:27 Usually, the meaning is "derived from the context".
In my reading it is much more common for temples to burn heretics than the other way around.
So if I were to derive by context which was the burner and which the burnee, I would assume it was the temple burning the heretics.
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Re: The heretics have burnt our temple!

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on the contrary,
it is without context,
that one will interpret
according to the normal situation
(that of the burned heretics)...

but when the context takes too much space,
the text is only a subtitle,
or phatic expression...
(in other words: dispensable...)
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Re: The heretics have burnt our temple!

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Céamonh itunû iþasuhonokêrih kineʔucárenþ! Kínais nituʔêrk!
céamonh i-tu-nû i-þa-su-hono-kêrih kine-ʔ-ucár<en>þ! kínais n-i-tu-ʔ-êrk!
temple.ABS PASS-1PL-POSS PASS-PST-3PL-man-burn god-EPEN-believe<NEG>! god.ABS IRR-EPEN-1PL-EPEN-help!
Our temple, the heretics have burnt it! May God help us!
ω - near-close near-back unrounded vowel.
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