My postillion has been struck by lightning

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My postillion has been struck by lightning

Post by prettydragoon »

Or, that most indispensable of all phrasebook sentences. Would you like to know more?

My postillion has been struck by lightning.

:con: Rireinutire
mano tohiuhina saha oroko yakava:
/mɑno tohiuhinɑ sɑhɑ oɹoko jɑkɑvɑ/
1S-GEN postilion-PTV lightning.NOM strike-PSPART be-PRS-SENS
The object is fronted for emphasis. If you have just seen your postilion get struck by lightning, you certainly are more worried about her than the damnable weather.
orota 'strike' takes partitive (PTV) object in the generic case. Accusative (ACC) (tohiuhimu) implies the object has been struck dead.
It might be amusing to know that tohiuhi, the Rireinutire word for postillion, derives from tohi-uhi (mount-AGZ), to describe the job of one who operates a carriage while riding one of the horses (or other animals) pulling it. This in distinction to nakuhi 'coachwoman' (from naku-uhi (drive-AGZ)) who sits in (or on) the carriage instead.
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What is this, how you say, Rireinutire?
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Re: My postillion has been struck by lightning

Post by Khemehekis »

This is my first time seeing the word "postil(l)ion", and it seems no one can agree on whether it has one L or two. Never having been familiar with the term, I don't have a word in Kankonian for "postil(l)ion". And seeing as Kankonians never domesticated the horse, they'd probably have to borrow the word for it from a language of Schaza.

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Re: My postillion has been struck by lightning

Post by Dormouse559 »

:con: Ilóhra

Ilóhra also has no word for "postillion". Unlike the Kankonians, they do have domesticated horses, but carriages aren't a thing. So I used hultamut "horseman" as a substitute.

Šiġġihelagus hultamóngim.
[ʃiŋŋiçeˈlagus hultaˈmoɲɟim]
šiġ-hèil-a-ku-s hultamut=k-im
throw-lightning-TR-PAS-3S horseman=1S-GEN
My postillion (horseman) has been struck by lightning.

If having your postillion struck by lightning is an unusual event, you might also add a mirative marker to the verb.

Voužiġġihelagus hultamóngim.
[vou̯ʒiŋŋiçeˈlagus hultaˈmoɲɟim]
vòu-šiġ-hèil-a-ku-s hultamut=k-im
MIR-throw-lightning-TR-PAS-3S horseman=1S-GEN
Dear me, my postillion has been struck by lightning!

Image Silvish

Silvish does have a word for "postillion" because even if it didn't already, it's trivial to borrow the word from Italian and/or French: postilyon [B)]

Mon postilyon l' ett ettà bouçé paû foi dî çê.
[mɔm.po.stiˈʎɔŋ lɛt.tɛˈta buˈʃe pɑˈfu diˈʃɛː]
1S.POSS-M.C postillion 3S be.3S be-PP strike-PP by-DEF.M fire of-DEF.M sky
My postillion has been struck by lightning.

New words
-amut - combining form of amuþu "man" (< *ɒməd)
hèil n - lightning (< *gɒil)
šiġ vt - throw (< *syng)

bouçê v - hit, strike (< Middle High German bōzen; doublet of Silvish boutâ "put")
foi dî çê nmc - lightning (literally "fire from the sky" or "sky fire")
postilyon nmc - postillion (< Fr. postillon or It. postiglione)
You're welcome in advance! You're now prepared to make your way among the Ilóhra speakers and the Silvophones [:P]
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Re: My postillion has been struck by lightning

Post by kiwikami »

:con: Alál

Although Alál's speakers don't have, and thus wouldn't have domesticated, horses, a similar-enough word could be derived from kṭamal 'rider/driver': kṭazìmal 'the rider/driver in front'. Also have a new verb Taṭkâtak 'drive a hole into the ground, (of lightning) to strike', from Taṭàx 'cleave with an axe'.

Aìtıàṭkâtakt (ḳmuam) kaṭìzzîmal.
[ˈhedjɑˌkʼatɑkt ŋ̍ʼmɔʕ̞m kəʼʔeʃiˌmɑl]
ì-ta<ıvr̀>ṭká-tvk-t ḳma<ua>m kṭa<ìz>zìma<à>l
INV.NVOL-strike.downwards<3.4>-CONC-INV.NVOL lightning<PAT> front.rider<4.1><AGT>
My frontmost rider has been struck by lightning.
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Re: My postillion has been struck by lightning

Post by Reyzadren »

:con: griuskant (without script here)

pludae vuzhonsefle xasan dyrg.
/'plude 'vuʒɔnsəflə 'ɣasan 'dYrg/
group-POSS at-EB-PASS-cavalier-N swoop-V-PASS lightning
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