Is our children learning?

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Is our children learning?

Post by Khemehekis »

:eng: Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning? --George W. Bush

:deu: Selten wird die Frage gefragt: Lernt unsere Kinder?
seldom become.PRS.3s DEF.NOM.f question PPT=ask learn.PRS.3s our.NOM.PL child-PL

Bonus points if you can translate the solecism.

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Re: Is our children learning?

Post by Znex »

:wls: Anaml y fydd y cwestiwn yn cael ei ofyn: ydynt* ein plant ni'n dysgu?
rare PART be.FUT DEF question PART get.VN POSS.3MSG question.VN | INT-be.PRS.3PL POSS.1PL children 1PL PART learn.VN

Here I've made the solecism the complete opposite of the English, since in Welsh the 3PL verbal form only ever gets used before the 3PL pronoun, never before any other plural subject.
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Re: Is our children learning?

Post by Reyzadren »

:con: griuskant (without script here)

jezkousi suazhon ; thusti erae kandkanen.
/'dʒəzkɔusi 'suaʒɔn ; 'θusti 'əre 'kandkanən/
less-times-A question-EB-PASS ; new-A N-IMP-POSS study-can-N-PASS
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Re: Is our children learning?

Post by Esneirra973 »

:esp: Rara vez se hace la pregunta: ¿Está aprendiendo nuestros hijos?
rare-FSG time-FSG 3SG.REFL do.PRES.IND.3SG DEF.FSG question-FSG be.PRES.IND.3SG learn-PART.PRES 1PL.POSS.MPL child-MPL
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Re: Is our children learning?

Post by Dormouse559 »

Image Silvish
L' est raro k' on boutta la kestyon : Nos̄tro-z enfan apren ?
[lɛˈtʁɑːʁ kɔ̃ˈbu.ta lɑkˈstjɔ̃ŋ | nɔt.tʁo.zɛ̃ˈfɑ̃ŋ aˈpʁɛ̃ŋ]
3S be.3S rare SBRD PRO pose-3S DEF-ACC.F.C question | 1P.POS-M.C=PL child learn.3S

:fra: French
Il est rare qu'on pose la question : Nos enfants apprend-il ?
/i.‿lɛ ʁaʁ kɔ̃ poz la kɛs.tjɔ̃ | no.z‿ɑ̃.fɑ̃ a.pʁɑ̃.t‿il/
3S be.3S rare SBRD PRO pose.3S DEF-F question | 1P.POS-M=PL child{-PL} learn.3S=3{S}

Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?

Both Silvish and French are able to maintain the error. The mistake is more apparent in written French; the correct form changes only one syllable in speech but is more differentiated in writing: *Nos enfants apprend-il ? /no.z‿ɑ̃.fɑ̃ a.pʁɑ̃.t‿il/ vs. Nos enfants apprennent-ils ? /no.z‿ɑ̃.fɑ̃ a.pʁɛn.t‿il/. In Silvish, the correct form has an additional syllable: *Nos̄tro-z enfan apren ? [nɔt.tʁo.zɛ̃ˈfɑ̃ŋ aˈpʁɛ̃ŋ] vs. Nos̄tro-z enfan aprendön ? [nɔt.tʁo.zɛ̃ˈfɑ̃ŋ aˈpʁɛ̃n.dŋ̩]
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Re: Is our children learning?

Post by Iyionaku »

:con: Yélian

Vat barca quèresbarcut: Barcai yanim îyin oyet?
[vɐ‿ˈbaɾkɐ ˈkɛɾəsˌbaɾkʉt | ˈbaɾkaɪ̯ ˈʃaːnɨm ˈiːɕɨn ˈoːʃət]
DEM question rare-ask-INV.3SG.INAN | ask-1SG 1PLIN.POSS child-PL learn-3SG
Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?

:con: Caelian

Byärkunge kë dabürerki: Tag asasel Sebyet üssal?
[bʲæɾkʰuˈŋɛ kʰə dabyrɛɾˈkʰi | tʰag aʒaˈʒɛl ʒɛˈbʲɛt yˈʒal]
question.DEM.ACC NEG HAB-ask.3PL>3SG | POL child.PL.NOM 1PLIN.GEN learn.3SG
Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?
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