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Re: Conlang documentation

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appakling wrote: 29 Sep 2023 20:07
David J. Peterson has his template document
never heard of that- where can a view it? (if possible)
I don't know specifically, but it's probably somewhere on the LangTime Studios patreon.
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Re: Conlang documentation

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I use a spreadsheet that I open using either Excel or LibreOffice Calc depending on which OS I’m currently booted into. Of particular importance is the auto filter that I use to search for words or definitions.

I have a sheet with a list of single morphemes and a list of compound words. I deliberately made Commonthroat’s phonetactics simple enough to programmatically generate every valid syllable with a Python script.

I find it easiest to document grammar and syntax using example glosses. I keep these in an Obsidian vault along with my worldbuilding notes.

These files are stored in a folder along with my stories and pictures on a NAS.

Most of the stuff that I post here starts out as obsidian notes, which is why some markdown syntax sneaks through sometimes.
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Re: Conlang documentation

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I write it down a lot.

I tend to use pages or word also.

I used to use notes on an iPad when I was a kid.
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