Sancta Hildegardis ora pro nobis

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Sancta Hildegardis ora pro nobis

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In honour of today being 17 September, the feast of saint Hildegard of Bingen, the patron saint of conlanging, here's yet another sentence to translate:

:eng: Saint Hildegard, teacher and abbess, pray for us. Amen.

:lat: Sancta Hildegardis doctor magistra ora pro nobis. Amen.

:con: Rireinutire

Hiroteñaroto-rayukave' to herenari to sehohase ta meno semi mipeka': sumuyaka':
/ˈhiɹoteŋɑɹotoˌɹɑjuˌkɑveʔ to ˈheɹenɑɹi to ˈsehoˌhɑse tɑ ˈmeno ˈsemi ˈmipekɑʔ || ˈsumuˌjɑkɑʔ/
Hiroteñaroto-rayukave-' to herenari to sehohase ta me-no semi mipe-ka-' || sumu-ya-ka-' ||
Hiroteñaroto-saint-VOC and teacher.NOM and abbess.NOM 2S.NOM 1P-GEN for pray-PRS-IMP || auspicious-be-PRS-IMP ||
What is this, how you say, Rireinutire?
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