Reflections of Reflections [paragraph 1]

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Reflections of Reflections [paragraph 1]

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This is the first paragraph of the Ruykkarraber text Disaki kuy Disaki ─ "Reflections of Reflections." If you like it, I wrote it. If you don't, it was written by Dusuktur Iddu, Ruykkarranat woodworker and amateur poet/philosopher. Feel free to take some poetic license when translating it. I did.

:usa: English

Reflections of Reflections
We are gazing into water. In it, we see ourselves and each other, leaning over the edge of the water-fractured bridge. Ruya's reflection turns to mine and says something. Mine looks up at the sky, or perhaps he sees water, for who really knows what he is perceiving?

:con: Ruykkarraber

Disaki kuy Disaki
Insun sunnag etuynas dar. Kribarag, ukreyg insun uynas dar, sunnas-kassak nedskus-aydig nesak ukrey gasekes dar. Ruya kuy disak inusnu basa, asau. Inusnu bertekeg uynas dar, ad sunnag uynas tugni ban ─ antuk nayes-radyeskug teradyes tunni.

insun sunna-g et-uyna-s dar / kribar-ag ukri-y-g insun uyna-s dar / sunna-s-kas-sak ned-sku-s-aydi-g nesak ukri-y gasek-es dar / Ruya kuy disak inus-nu basa asau / inus-nu bertek-eg uyna-s dar / ad sunna-g uyna-s tu<g>ni ban / antuk nayes-radye-sku-g te-radye-s tunni

1pl.1 drinkable.water-4 much-see-3 IMPF / each.other-4 self-PL-4 1pl.1 see-3 IMPF / drinkable.water-3-fracture-PART cross-EXP.IN-3-edge-4 over self-PL lean-3 IMPF / Ruya INAL.REV reflection 1sg.3-IN.POS.PRO sky-4 see-3 IMPF / 3sg.HUM drinkable.water-4 see-3<4> XOR / 3sg.HUM-3-perceive-EXP.IN-4 much-percieve-3

That was the most exhausting thing I've ever had to gloss.

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