Man in Space’s Obligatory Medieval Fantasy Setting

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Man in Space’s Obligatory Medieval Fantasy Setting

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Because everybody's got to have one.


So in this world, which has no name of yet, your primary players are elves and dwarves. There are also the fey, goblins, and merfolk; the first are insane, the second much disorganized, and the third occasionally useful to everyone else but demanding respect. You also, naturally, have dragons of various forms. These tend not to be truly sentient, but rather "almost" sentient—though they are able to use magic and telepathy as weapons; when one gets inside your head, it's quite the traumatic experience.

You'll note I've not spoken of men. That's because they do not exist anymore. A dwarven-elven coalition wiped them out centuries ago. Humans were characterized by a number of things: Magic was utterly useless to them (and, very often, against them). Their brief, ephemeral nature made them impetuous and "impatient" (as far as the elves and dwarves were concerned); what they would often accomplish in months or years, the others would take decades to complete. Largely for these reasons, the elves and the dwarves exterminated them all. This was a bad idea, as men were the best at killing dragons due to their (men's) magic resistance.

I don't got much beyond that right now. (I'm currently throwing gleb outputs to the wall and seeing what sticks.)
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