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Quick question

Posted: 28 Mar 2024 23:05
by HaXXi
Okay, so, i'm planning to make a conlang showcase video of my conlang, ŋ́oti, and i also want to include the conscript i made.
The ŋ́oti script is an abugidal system with consonant letters being curved lines, and vowels, (little combinations of dots and lines) written inside the consonant symbols.
I've heard there are tools for making custom fonts for conscripts, but these would only work for an alphabet.
I don't want to include hand-drawn examples, and i have no idea how i could make it into a font.
Does anybody know a method for typing in all the ~200 symbols i'd need to write ŋ́oti digitally? Has anybody else ran into this issue?

Re: Quick question

Posted: 29 Mar 2024 12:15
by eldin raigmore
When you find out, I want to know too!

Re: Quick question

Posted: 29 Mar 2024 12:49
by Alessio
I think a custom font is the only way, since you can't really modify the UNICODE standard "locally", although it would be super cool.
You say it would only work for an alphabet because you need to associate one character to one symbol, but think of it, how many abugidas are there in the world? Those can be written on a PC... have you ever wondered how?

AFAIK, it's mostly ligatures. Fonts define that when two characters are used together, they should produce a special third one. If you analyze the text, you will see it's still two characters long, but you can only see one - if you try to move the cursor on it, you might even see it in the middle of the character itself, because Windows doesn't know where to put it. This is the case for example with Devanagari.

So if you find a way to define a ligature in your font creation program, you can achieve what you are trying to do. Provided, you would still have to somehow draw the characters, whether by hand or with a PC program.

Otherwise, you can just select a random set of ~200 characters within UNICODE and make a font for those, then define a keyboard layout (using KLC) with lots of deadkeys that output those characters.

Re: Quick question

Posted: 30 Mar 2024 17:02
by HaXXi
I could use the second method, i'll also provide you with a quick sample of the script sometime soon