Chat GPT and Conlanging

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Chat GPT and Conlanging

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I've never used or even spoken to an AI before, so I decided to test it's abilities and finally give it a shot. I decided to give it my little Daas alphabet and see if it could put the letters together and make words that genuinely make sense.
Here's what I got:
Here are 10 words in the Daas alphabet based on the provided meanings and implications:

Akun - (A + K + U) - Meaning: A large body of water (implying wavy and the main body/biggest part).
Bivit - (B + I + V + I + T) - Meaning: To progress slowly (implying forward, small, slow movement).
Dafo - (D + A + F + O) - Meaning: The human race (implying people, life).
Sɑnt - (S + ɑ + N + T) - Meaning: A linguistic problem (implying language, straight, size).
Rog - (R + O + G) - Meaning: A royal decree (implying regal, wavy, to take in).
Kezɑ - (K + E + Z + ɑ) - Meaning: The present moment (implying the direction of the vowel, time).
Pɑrke - (P + ɑ + R + K + E) - Meaning: To hold a majestic event (implying to have, regal, the main body/biggest part, small).
Zɛhɛv - (Z + ɛ + H + ɛ + V) - Meaning: A magical wind (implying time, sound, movement, air).
Jutɑb - (J + U + T + ɑ + B) - Meaning: To perform a significant action (implying wind, straight, size, forward).
Niʒɑ - (N + i + ʒ + ɑ) - Meaning: A problem with communication (implying a problem, cold, language).
These words are constructed based on the provided meanings and implications of the letters in the Daas alphabet. Let me know if you'd like more examples or if there's anything else I can assist you with!
Clearly, it got a little confused with the IPA pronunciations and differentiating them from the romanization. However, it didn't outright fail either. I didn't give it any grammar rules either, so we have a lot of consonant ending words, but in general these actually seem pretty decent.

A few, like "Zɛhɛv" are weird and don't make sense. Magical wind? Where's "y"? In fact, it seems to have just inserted wind into random things.
No "n" in the little letter additions it added for "akun", but otherwise actually a decent Daas word. I also don't know if these are accidentally taken from other languages.

But others are nice, and have an added bonus of being grammatically correct somehow without me telling it the grammar, like "bivit"(my favorite, I might actually use this) or "keza".

he/him, they/them
Forgive me if I seem uneducated or disorganized, I am new to the community and vocab.

currently hyperfocused on: Daas
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